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Anti Split (Convert Bundle& Split Apks to Single Apk) without Pc.

Anti Split (Convert Bundle& Split Apks to Single Apk) without Pc.

Peace be upon you
in the name of ALLAH we Start
Anti Split (Convert Bundle& Split Apks to Single Apk) without Pc.

Today, I will show you how I will with Simi-Manual Way convert Bundle (Apks to Apk) without Pc,from your phone only.

Before We start,I want to tell you...

What is the(Bundle & Split Apks) ?

Since the Start of 2020 year , Google made an innovative and unique change in The way of uploading apps to Google play store.

They obligated Developers to export apps from Android Studio in (Bundle) Split Apks not in Normal Apk (Single Apk).

So, you will ask me;Why Google did this change,What is the purpose behind of it?

As they mentioned that the Reason for Creating Bundle & Split Apks is to decrease the Size of app.


let me explain more,App(normal apk) is a zip file contains many files such as images,sounds,texts,and xml files....etc.
and the most common Screen sizes .images located in New Folders (Drawable) and New Folders (mipMap) .

every apk contains Folders and images to work on Different Screen sizes,So your phone will need only suitable images and it will not need others.

So, Google made this change to decrease The published App size ,if your phone needs only it's suitable images and folders .

Why you should upload other images in different screen sizes that it will not need and use it ?!

And the apk will be in a Big size ,So in Bundle the app will upload with it's suitable images and folders for the Size of your Screen mobile only.

the Second benefit from Split Apks is that if you downloaded the app from the Source other than Google play store likes Apkpure site,it will not work.

and Even though if your friend shared app with you through Shareit app it will not work too.

So here Finally Google accomplished their mission to obligate users to download apps only from Google play store for Security purposes.

But as you know,Now days there is no rule you can't cut it.
I will show you how you can convert Bundle Split Apks to Single Apk,that will allow you share apps with your friends without any problem.

Watch this video to know how

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