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Google Drive,This file has been identified as malware or Spam!! Fixed.

 Google Drive,This file has been identified as malware and Spam!! Fixed.

Most of people are  looking for an Extra Storage, to save their Large files size, which they can't save them in normal Devices storage's due to their big Size.

So the Common Known Companies Provide The Cloud Storages Likes (Google Drive,Mega,Yandex Storage, Amazon Storage,One Cloud...etc).

But as They are the Main Owner; they have the wright to Allow&Keep and Disallow&Delete the Files without Users permission or even give warning before deletion.

When they discovered that the users uploaded Prohibited or not complying with their policy Files.

Most of these Cloud Storages has An Auto Security which scans files Daily,if it found not permitted files,The security will remove the blocked files Directly without mentioning the user.

But fortunately in Google Cloud or Google Drive,The deleted files not fully remove,in other words even if they deleted,the users can reach their deleted files on Browser or with using the following trick.

When the users trying to download The (Patch,Kegen,Crack,Hack .. etc) files that are blocked files in the most Cloud Storages, they will face Error message,tell them that They can't download these kind of Files.

For example in Google Drive, you will face this error Message"This file has been identified as malware and Spam" So you can't download it.

But when you will watching my the Following Video Tutorial it obtained 60K views on Youtube,and using my trick, you will able to download any file from the Cloud Storages,till the blocked &not permitted files!!

To download the App that I used in my video Tutorial, check the description of video or visit the following Article

in ALLAH we Trust.