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How to logout from Bootloop Mobile Restart without Software.

 How to logout from Bootloop Mobile Restart without Software.

Most of the Advanced Users who are Dealing with Root Permissions,new Custom Roms or Custom Softwares, will face The Damn "Bootloop Problem"!!

What is The Bootloop?

Bootloop: it is The normal Boot process,but instead of continue to reach "Welcome Screen your Mobile Desktop"; it hanging on The Company Logo!!

So, When you are in this state;Be sure that you are in big problem not easy; only Professional User can logout from this Manner without loosing their Files and Data!!

Because,Normal users and even not Mature Technicians,will think that they lost all Files,Data,Contacts,Apps...etc.

And There is no solution for this problem except New software(Rom);But Professional Technicians Do the following Steps To logout from Bootloop without Software and keep&save most of the Data:

First of all you must know the reason that make Bootloop occurs!!

if it due not suitable Xposed plugin,you can delete it with the Fox Recovery,and reboot your phone,you will notice that you didn't loose any file or data.
or by T Recovery if your phone is old through file manager and Delete this Folder

Follow this path

Root/data/data/your Xposed package name
Then search for"Conf" folder it contains module list and enabled module
delete file "modules.list"
Then Reboot your phone.

and The final Solution to logout from Bootloop without Software but with loosing some of your files and data:

Reboot your phone to Custom Recovery then Click on



Format Data(will asking you to write"YES")For Agreeing Format Data.


Swipe to Factory Reset



After Reboot completed,you will reach to your normally Desktop,but with loosing some Data

in ALLAH we trust.